Erik Larson

University of Montana

Fort Missoula Field School – 24MO188

We had a really exciting week at the dig site. We found several items that will help with the continued research of Ft. Missoula. It was hot and the bugs were out in force along the Bitterroot, but no one seemed to bothered by this at all. We were having too much fun, I guess. I found a toothbrush fragment this week that might connect our dig with the previous dig done by archaeologist Carling Malouf in the early 1980s.


The field crew hard at work in the heat of the day, uncovering the past. 

Artifacts aside,  I also found a painted turtle crawling alongside the road. He had the most beautiful markings. I was not aware that painted turtles could be found along the Bitterroot River. Beautiful scenery, interesting wildlife, and gorgeous weather made this week at the dig site an experience to remember.