Moonshine Production?

Kailin Hatlestad
Anthropology Graduate Student
Our survey class had the opportunity in late September to visit a site in the Lolo National Forest and the pleasure to be accompanied by the Lolo NF Archaeologist, Sydney Bacon. The site in question is assumed to be built due to a mining claim in the area, but the uniqueness of the layout and masonry suggest an alternate or additional use: moonshine production. More study is needed to confirm or deny this hypothesis, but it has potential.

The trek to the site permitted time for questions to form about what people were doing out in this terrain and why. Once reached, the rare layout was exciting to explore. Artifacts, features and ecofacts were located, identified and discussed. Unfortunately, looters disturbed the site in two locations. This discovery emphasized the importance of cultural resource protection and imparted to us some realities of archaeological work.