ImageNeal Lynch  Field Notebook Entry 6/27/2013

             Today, I got a real taste for true excavation. Knees in the mud and trowels in hand, we scraped away tiny layers of dirt, rocks and mud. The sweat was dripping, the jokes were flying, and our spirits were high. What seemed like every few minutes, we would find another amazing tiny piece of history only inches below our feet. I can totally dig it, man.

                Each time we revealed another amazing artifact, we meticulously measured the exact location and plotted it on the proper form. In this way, someone can come back at a later time to continue the work. The attention to detail is so important for this reason. A proper field journal and well measured plot points, allow the research to continue for some future excavation.

                It saddens me that field school is almost over. It went by so fast. Ultimately, however, all things come to an end. I am happy to say, I have met some wonderful people and have had a great time that I will always remember. Thanks everyone!