Dane Torgerson  Field Notebook Entry 6/20/2013

Today we were afforded some work time to shore up our measurements in  our basement spaces.  My group is responsible for documenting the underground space at the Riverside Cafe on West Front Street.  After finishing our measurements we had some time to speculate on the interesting features in the basement, mainly the large painted door-to-nowhere on the North wall, and the remains of a door buzzer system located on the right-hand door frame.

We traced the remaining wiring for the buzzer system along the ceiling until we lost track of where it ends up.  This opens up one big question for us about the placement of the door buzzer: If the door-to-nowhere once led outside, then why is there a door buzzer located on the inside of the building?  This is just one of many mysteries in the basement of the Riverside Cafe.

I would like to extend a big thanks to the owners and operators of the Riverside for opening their doors to us and allowing us to work in their basement.