Liberty Barrows  Field Notebook Entry  6/20/2013

Today our class was lucky enough to get a view of The Wilma Theater from an angle not often seen, the underside. After a short decent and a little bit of a crawl, we emerged into the sub basement area under the building. Very cool! After exploring this space, our wonderful guide Justin told us all about the colorful character Eddy Sharp and his pigeons. He also told us about the Chapel of the Dove and about the old swimming pool the building used to have. All gone but not forgotten! We also were able to see the Wilma’s two story sidewalk vault, again, very cool!

In the afternoon we spent some time with Jeff MacDonald and learned about his preservation work in Virginal City Montana. Never been there? Check it out sometime!  The remainder of the afternoon was spent with John Coffee, owner of the Hammond Arcade building. He was nice enough to show us his sidewalk vault and tantalizing steam tunnel entrance, and to let us pick his brain for a while.

We’d all like to give a big thank you to our guide Justin, the staff of Scotty’s Table, Jeff and Mr. Coffee for all being so accommodating and for offering us their wealth of information!