Bill Seifert Field Notebook Entry 6/19/2013

We went to Butte today and toured the Mai Wah Museum and Wah Chong Tai Buildings with tour guide Richard Gibson.  Richard explained that in its heyday, Butte’s Chinatown had approximately 100,000 Chinese residents.  Although Butte’s Chinatown is often associated with underground opium dens these are, according to Gibson, a figment of popular imagination.
      After the Mai Wah Museum, we lunched at Soho.  Later Bob from Old Butte Historical Adventures took us on tour of the old Butte jail and two speakeasies.  The prohibition era on the “Richest Hill on Earth” was anything but dry, with at least 150 different speakeasies raided during prohibition, according to records.  The motto at the Belly-Up-To-The-Bar speakeasy behind the barbershop, in the basement of the Hirbour Bldg., was “Come in for a clip, Leave with a Buzz!”
    Thanks to the awesome folks at the Mai Wah Museum and Old Butte Historical Adventures who were so gracious in making our trip a truly memorable experience!