ImageAyme Swartz     Field Notebook Entry 6/18/2013

This morning our group continued measuring features in the basement of the Riverside Café, the focus of our mapping project.  Features 1-3 are all along the North wall of the basement.  Feature 1 is a window on the far left, Feature 2 is a functioning door and door way that leads to nowhere (the theme of the class!), and Feature 3 is a bay window on the far right side.  Also mapped: a wood stove pipe area on the west facing wall and another window on the south facing wall.  Other notable architectural designs include original shelving on both the east and west walls, along with evidence of a wall that would have divided the basement into a front and back section.    

Our group, working in the basement of the Riverside Café, would like to thank the Riverside Café staff for their exceptional hospitality.  This project is not possible without amazing people with awesome attitudes!

We would also like to thank Dr. Steve Sheriff for accompanying us this afternoon.  He not only educated the class on GPR (ground penetrating radar), but he also gave valuable input as to possible locations for successful subsurface imaging.